ストーリー&コンセプト|Story & Concept

HOSSの「Story & Concept」とは|What is“Story & Concept”of HOSS

その思いが、今日のHOSSの「Story & Concept」となっております。

“Hotel Okura (now Hotel Okura Tokyo)” which opened in 1962 feels the necessity of the stage to welcome the world, with the thought of Kishichiro Okura, former founder, “A unique Japanese hotel that is world-class”, from the thought that it is not imitations of Europe and the United States but “the hotel which embodied the beauty of Japan”, the Japanese culture which was cultivated “Yumemu, the way of Japan’s mind of Japan” was put in the use of architecture and ” Beauty “has been erected.
The thought is Today’s “Story & Concept” of HOSS.

HOSSの「Mission」|HOSS 'Mission'

HOSSは「ホテルオークラのこころ」と、「ホテルオークラの意匠」の伝統を受け継ぎながら、「常にお客様の立場で考え、最高の品質を提供する」を企業理念とし、設計・デザイン、施工、FF&E / 輸入資材の調達等の幅広い業務を通して、お客様それぞれに最適な「TOTAL Space Solutions」を実現することです。

HOSS takes over the tradition of Hotel Okura “and” Hotel Okura’s design “, designing, designing, construction, FF & E / It is to realize the optimum “TOTAL Space Solutions” for each customer through a wide range of operations such as procurement of imported materials.
In some cases, I think that it is important to communicate that “sorry” while sometimes “no”. Depending on the scale of business and business model, some items may not be necessary. I firmly identify cost-effectiveness and want to propose necessary items and cost.


HOSSのUSP(Unique Selling Proposition)は、ホテル事業会社のFF&E会社として、オーナー様へお客様に寄り添うホテルオペレーター側の立場でご説明・ご提案ができる事。オーナー様からお預かりする大切な初期投資で製作するFF&E類は、ホテルオペレーター様のご要望事項をしっかり汲みつつ、頑丈で高品質な家具を製作、ご提供します。結果、お客様から高評価を得ることでホテルスタッフ様の業務意欲が向上。その口コミがホテルの他のお客様に広まることでより集客が伸び、オーナー様のリターンも増えるという優良なスパイラルで運用が実現することも夢ではありません。

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of HOSS, as a hotel company FF & E company, to be able to explain and propose to the owner in the position of the hotel operator who is close to the customer. FF & E types, which are made with important initial investment to take care of from the owner, produce and provide sturdy and high quality furniture while firmly drawing out the requirements of the hotel operator. As a result, getting high evaluation from customers improves the motivation of the hotel staff. It is not a dream that realization of operation will be realized with excellent spirals that the customer gains more customers by spreading the word of mouth to other customers of the hotel and the owner’s return will also increase.

Owner's point of view
Owner's point of view